Five Comfy, Easy Outfits to Save You From The ‘Jeans and a T-Shirt Rut’

Like almost every other person on the planet, there are so many days where I stand in front of my open wardrobe desperately trying to find something cool and interesting to wear, only to give up and turn to my trusty jeans and t shirt combination. 

This predicament usually occurs about this time of year, three weeks into a new semester at university, when all of the new, exciting outfits I splurged my student loan on start to become over worn and tired. However, this year I’ve decided it’s going to be different and have made sure I have a range of easy, comfortable outfits to solve this very problem. 

Not-so-boring leggings

Leggings have always been an extremely controversial item of clothing, with people either loving them or hating them, and I for one have always been of the latter persuasion. They tend to remind me of my younger high school years when the unofficial uniform of the ‘cool group’ was leggings and a crop top. However, with the addition of my new favourite jacket from Zara, I’ve found that this old nemesis of mine can actually be used to create an interesting and extremely comfortable outfit. 0oej9swqcgblxz1mjfgxa.jpg

Slip skirt and t-shirt 

Though trying to stay clear of jeans and a t shirt, I can’t avoid wearing the wardrobe staple completely, and I’ve found that pairing it with a slip skirt is not only more comfortable than wearing jeans, but also makes you look like you’ve made an effort with your outfit. Also, while you can wear a white t shirt with a contrasting slip, I also love wearing matching pieces to achieve the colour-block look that is so in this season. This look is also easily elevated by the addition of chunky earrings or a gold chain necklace.

Knit dress

This one’s a simple, classic favourite, but can slightly change season to season depending on current trends. I recently managed to find the sold out h&m dress of my dreams on Vinted and have been living in it ever since, the loose fit makes it feel like you’re wearing pyjamas but the open collar and side slits keep it feminine and chic. Not only can this be paired with heeled boots for a dressier event, but I personally love contrasting the chic silhouette with the chunky chelsea boot style of the season.


Slip Dress

This is another classic option that I’ve worn for months now on days when I’m too lazy to really put together an outfit, but I can’t seem to get enough of it. Loose enough to be comfy but slinky and satin-y enough to be chic and leave you with the perfect effortless outfit that looks like you’ve tried just enough but really you’ve just thrown on the same dress and jacket combo you turn to constantly. Pair with chunky trainers for a daytime look or some strappy heels to elevate the outfit for evening. 

Elveated Pyjamas

Ok, so, hear me out, yes this kind of outfit maybe isn’t for everyday, BUT it’s too good not to mention. Who knew you could wear pyjamas in public without looking like you’ve just emerged from a two day hangover?? Well apparently you can, and I’ve added these to my wishlist almost immediately (where they will undoubtedly stay due to the fact they’re £200) The idea of swanning around uni/ going out for drinks in some luxe, satin pyjamas is too good to pass up. Again, this can also easily go from day to evening by swapping out trainers for heeled boots or strappy heels.


Satin and feather-trimmed crepe de chine pajama set

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