Top 10 AW19 trends and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe

A new season is always extremely exciting in terms of fashion, as while there are the classic, timeless pieces that stay stylish year after year, there’s an abundance of new trends available as well. 

Though there are the lucky few who can splurge on every trend and micro trend their heart desires, totally updating their wardrobe season to season, for the rest of us, it’s about key pieces to simply update your wardrobe classics and make them feel that bit more new and fresh. 


This is personally one of my favourite trends this season, and also one that I think is pretty easy to incorporate into your current wardrobe. First appearing on runways at fashion week last February, this trend quickly filtered down to affordable brands, allowing us to get our hands on some statement pieces. This trend is one of the easiest to add to your current wardrobe and make a real statement due to the fact that some of the best peices  come in the form of cowboy boots and fringed suede jackets.


I bought this shirt way back in September and can vouch for both its comfort AND its ability to make any outfit instantly cooler. I wore it as a light jacket back then and now as the temperature drops I’m loving layering it under a trench coat for extra warmth.


I’ve seen these boots all over social media this season and definitely think I need to buy some myself. They’re the perfect statement boot due to the bright hue, yet they’re still great if you’re unsure of buying more unusual trend led pieces due to the fact that they dont actually have too much western inspired detailing. A more paired back version of the cowboy boot.


I think this ASOS Jacket would be ideal for those worried about looking too costume-y in a suede fringed jacket. The unusual white colour and faux-leather material adds a more modern, chic twist on the western basic.


If you’re very very lucky and money is no object, then these Ganni cowboy boots are the perfect way to make a plain outfit that bit more interesting, or add a bit of western flare to a dress/skirt. If i had the money I would’ve bought these months ago and would be wearing them with a pink, puff sleeve smock dress as we speak. Don’t worry, they also come in brown if they black and white is a bit too much of a statement.

80s Flare

This is a trend that was seen on influencers and fashion girls constantly throughout fashion month and is going to be everywhere come party season, with loads of designers channeling 80s vibes with metallic prints and over the top silhouettes. While there are many other ways to incorporate this into your wardrobe through brightly coloured bomber jackets or different styles of denim, one of the most effective ways, and my personal favourite, is through a statement party dress that you can wear again and again, with heels for a night out or chunky boots for a more casual ‘dinner and drinks’ affair. 


This is my DREAM dress ( that I may or may not have splurged on for my 21st birthday party) however, ROTATE Birger Christensen’s whole AW19 collection is full of 80’s style party dresses that are perfect additions to your winter wardrobe. See below.


If you don’t seem to lack the self control that I do, and are A LOT more sensible with money, this & Other Stories dress is a great alternative for ROTATE Birger Christensen’s dresses, with the same floral pattern and a very expensive looking jacquard fabric. They also have party tops made from the same fabric that would be a dream paired with jeans and strappy heels.


Another great alternative to some of the designer options out there, this Zara dress has gorgeous puff-sleeve detailing and is in an amazing, floral, 80’s style print.


Bourgeoisie Chic

Similar to 80s trends, the bourgeoisie/princess Diana trend also relies on over the top silhouettes and statement prints, however think more oversized blazers and checks rather than puff sleeves and florals. This is such a great trend as one of my favourite way to wear this is through an investment check blazer- which is something that won’t go out of style come next season and you can wear for years to come. 


Slightly tapping into two trends here with the fringing on the front, this Mango coat caused serious waves in the fashion world when it was first dropped. I’m still trying to justify buying it but if I do I think it’ll look great paired with jeans, a white t shirt, and black doc martens, or for a dressier outing, black heeled boots.


A slightly punk take on the checked blazer, if you’re more into bright colours this Zara piece would be ideal. Pair with some leather trousers and trainers or go the whole hog and wear it with the matching skirt.


I LOVE this REMAIN Birger Christensen blazer so much it hurts. The checks are the perfect middle ground between classic muted neutrals and something a bit more modern.

Dark Florals

“Florals? For autumn? Groundbreaking.” No really. Stepping away from the light ditsy floral prints of summer, many designers and brands featured dark, faded floral prints in their AW20 collections back in February. While there are many MANY different ways to channel this look, the easiest way to make a statement is through a floral midi dress. Either hunt down one of your packed away summer dresses or invest in one of my favourites below, and as almost every high street retailer has some iteration of this trend, it’s one that’s easy to wear on a budget.


Topshop, as always, seems to be leading the high street in terms of statement dresses this Autumn/Winter, and honestly it was hard to choose just one to mention. Dressed up with contrasting heels, or down with chunky boots like the model, this dress will make getting dressed during the dark winter mornings that little bit brighter.


Ok, so not all dark but I’ve been eyeing up this RIXO dress since summer. Now that it’s colder I think it would look amazing layered on top of a white t-shirt or thin knit roll neck, topped off with a puffer coat to add a bit of edge (and much needed warmth).


If midi dresses aren’t really your thing, and you can brave the dropping temperatures, then this Zara dress would be amazing. The puff sleeves and blazer style detailing make it so much cooler too.


Suits, but not the trim, tight fitting workwear were used to, instead this season were seeing a rise in oversized suits and shirts. One of my favourite ways to wear this is an oversized men’s suit, cinched in at the waist, with a tight fitting, feminine top to contrast the masculinity. Pair with heels for an even more elevated look, or chunky trainers to make it a bit more casual.


This dark green suit from Topshop would look amazing paired with either a t-shirt and trainers during the day, or heeled boots at night. The green also adds a bit of colour if you’re someone who finds neutrals boring.


Another Topshop suit, but this time in a more muted hue. I think this would look amazing with a one shouldered vest top to balance out the masculinity and an oversized trench coat layered on top.


If you’re wanting something a bit more interesting, then this Mango checked outfit would be ideal.


Something that I’m yet to invest in (but desperate to) is leather. It was all over fashion week in February and this season were seeing high street brands come up with their own unique iterations of this trend. While I’m desperate for a 90s style leather blazer, I think my favourite way to wear this trend is leather trousers. Don’t let Ross Geller scare you, these aren’t tight fitting, squeaky garments, but slightly roomier, soft leather styles in every different colour you can imagine. I personally have my eye on this beige pair from Mint Velvet but go into any high street store and you’ll be bombarded with different styles. 


If you’re looking for something a bit more classic, then this black pair from Mint Velvet would go with almost any outfit.

If you’re very brave, and not worried about spilling anything on them, then the cream pair below from Topshop Boutique are the most stunning trousers I’ve ever laid eyes on.


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