Monthly Shopping Basket – February 2020

In an attempt to motivate myself to write more blog posts, I’ve decided to start doing a monthly run-down of what’s on my personal wish list, both in terms of fashion and beauty. This new monthly ‘shopping basket’ post will hopefully motivate me to post more consistently but will also hopefully be inspiring to others, or at least be interesting to see what someone else wants to spend their money on. I’m also going to aim to make them a mix between timeless classics and trendy pieces, but hopefully more of the former as my one and only new years resolution this year is to avoid impulse buying into trends and focus more on timeless, items that I can wear time and time again. 

With that said, let me present February 2020’s monthly shopping basket. 

Dang STHLM trousers and blazer

For MONTHS now I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect suit, not too slim in the legs, but perfectly fitted at the waist, with an oversized, boxy blazer. This search has honestly influenced a lot of the items on this months list but this suit from YouTuber and influencer Julia Dang’s clothing line Dang Stockholm ticks all my boxes, and I have my eye on the cream one for this Spring/Summer. 



Weekday t-shirt

This is another item that I can already picture myself wearing all Spring/Summer, particularly as I have a slip dress in the same blue tie-dye that I literally did not take off last year. This is definitely on my must-buy list for the warmer months, however I’m probably going to have to act fast as I imagine this has already sold out in XS.




Oresund Iris bag

Ok, so I imagine we’re all familiar with one of Instagram’s favourite brands, Oresund Iris. The New York-based designer is constantly cropping up all over my feed and I’ve been coveting their items for what feels like forever, however, sadly as I’m a poor university student, their dreamy blouses and dresses seem a bit too out of reach. Their unusual shaped tote bag, however retails for 36USD, and it’s so chic and unusual that I might even be able to justify the £30 shipping to Scotland. 



Topshop Boutique jumper

As you can imagine, working in Topshop is a total nightmare for compulsive shoppers like myself, with my eyes constantly being drawn to new items every shift, and a ridiculous amount of time being spent trying clothes on following said shifts. This oversized, cream fishermans jumper by Topshop Boutique is my latest obsession and admiring it is my new favourite way to pass the time at work. The oversized shape and timeless colour just look so chic and I’ve envisioned so many outfits I could pair this with.

Update: Since writing this I took the plunge and bought this and have no regrets.



Topshop slit jeans

Another Topshop buy… I told you it was hard to resist when you work there. I’ve seen these jeans on so many people and they just add such a cool, 90’s edge to what would usually be a pretty simple jeans and a t-shirt outfit. Will definitely be purchasing these come payday. 



Djerf Avenue blazer

So last month I made the very spur of the moment (and maybe irresponsible?) decision to treat myself to the Djerf Avenue trousers and skirt. Influencer Matilda Djerf’s clothing line has been on my wishlist for what feels like forever and as soon as I saw that it was being restocked on the day I happened to get paid I knew it was meant to be (or at least that’s how I’ve been justifying it to myself and others). Since receiving my items I haven’t been able to take the trousers off, and I imagine that once this, extremely long, winter ends, the same will be said about the skirt. One thing I couldn’t justify as much however was the cropped, matching blazer, but honestly the timeless feel and expensive looking fabric have made me covet it even more. 



Ralph Lauren sweatshirt

The inspiration for this one is slightly different, my boyfriend recently found a very discounted Ralph Lauren quarter-zip in TKMaxx and I’ve had my eye on it ever since, to the point where borrowing it doesn’t even suffice and I need to get my own. I constantly find myself reaching for a hoodie on days I can’t be bothered and this would make those outfits look less scruffy and more stylish.



Sporty and Rich sweatshirt

Another brand that seems like its constantly all over Instagram. Sporty and Rich’s luxe take on loungewear has definitely caught my eye and while I probably can’t justify a £100 sweatshirt, that won’t stop me admiring it from afar and hoping I can find one of their jumpers on depop.



Arket purple suit

I can’t even put into words just how much I love this suit. I came across it by chance the other day on the Arket website and honestly have already imagined so many scenarios that I could wear it. Sadly I probably wouldn’t get as much use out of it as I would other outfits, and it would most definitely be a trend-led impulse buy, but still, I can dream.



Weekly Decree 

I recently received a sample of this with an order from Cult Beauty and totally forgot about it until I watched Lucy Williams IGTV skincare favourites in which it featured. Honestly, it changed my skin in minutes. Instantly my face felt smoother as if all the little bumps and emerging blemishes had magically disappeared, so naturally, I had to buy the full size. Except its £120 for six uses worth of product, which means that unfortunately, this magical mask combo is destined to stay on my wish list for the foreseeable future, but if you happen to have a spare £120 lying around please consider buying this. 



Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi 

Again, this is something I received as a sample with an order, and the glow it gave my dull winter skin was incredible. It comes out a dark shimmery brown but once applied it simply lightly evens skin tone while giving a subtle glowy tan that looks gorgeous mixed with moisturiser or under foundation.


RMS Beauty Uncover Up concealer

I’m constantly on the lookout for my next favourite product that will give me natural, lightweight coverage that’s still buildable for days where my skins less than perfect, and after hearing about RMS’ Uncover up concealer from multiple different blogs and youtube channels, it might be time to take the plunge. This concealer promises to provide even coverage to skin and can be used as a spot concealer or all over the face as a lightweight foundation. 


Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte 

As someone so into skincare, I should really be more invested in SPF, however when you live in Scotland, where sunlight is a rare commodity, it’s hard to feel as though you’re not wasting money on a product you don’t need (even though UV rays can damage your skin even on cloudy days). Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Tinte however offers the added bonus of light coverage, which makes it seem as though I’d be purchasing a BB cream with very good SPF in it. This paired with the last two products mentioned would probably revitalise any tired, winter skin and I’m determined to get my hands on them. 


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