The rise of the black summer dress

Ok so, I have to confess, I’ve not actually seen Normal People yet. However, that doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to the clear cultural impact it’s had. In the fashion world alone, sales of gold chains have shot through the roof and in terms of Marianne’s impact, the black summer dress has made an unexpected rise in popularity.

Though not unheard of, the black summer dress is somewhat unusual, especially for practicality – who wants to be caught on a hot sunny day dressed in head to toe black? Like so many others, my idea of the perfect summer dress is usually something white, perhaps with a floral pattern, but even I can’t deny the simple elegance of a black dress this summer, and living in Scotland, the chances of it being too hot to wear black are fairly slim. Additionally, the beauty of the black summer dress is that it extends past everyday wear, even the most casual styles can be dressed up with the right shoes and accessories to take the look from day to night. 

Zara black midi dress

So simple and elegant, I managed to get my hands on the white version of this, and love the fit of it so much that the black one is now a must. Unfortunately, everyone else was a fan as well and its currently sold out but I’m praying it comes back in stock soon, and I’ll be snapping it up the moment it does. 

Djerf Avenue 

Swedish influencer and it-girl Matilda Djerf’s brand Djerf Avenue recently released their summer line, and while I sadly wasn’t quick enough to get my hands on anything, their black mini dress was one of the many, many things I had my eye on. A restock has been confirmed for the 30th of June and I can guarantee this is one of the first things I’ll be getting. (I’m also in love with the cream version for a more classic summer-y look.)


I have lusted after Sleeper’s gorgeous summer dresses for ages now and I’m still seriously considering buying myself one as a graduation present. While my long time love has always been for their pink gingham design, I’m being seriously drawn towards the plain black linen ‘Atlanta’ dress now instead. 


This dress is probably the most similar to Marianne’s, and it’s popularity is clear as it’s been constantly out of stock on the reformation website recently. Luckily, it’s just come back in stock in every size, so now’s the time to splurge if you’re tempted! I love the classic cut of this, and it’s the perfect dress for day to night styling, with flip flops or trainers during the day and some strappy heels for the evening.


This dress has just dropped onto the H&M website and I’m so in love, I’m also predicting it to sell out ASAP, so I’d snap it up as soon as you can. It’s the perfect mix between dressy and casual, and could easily be styled up or down for a day in the park or a warm summer night having (socially distanced) drinks with a friend. I’ve ordered this in XS and S just to make sure I get the perfect fit.

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